Vigoro Product Information

A Tradition of Quality

Today's Vigoro product line includes:

Golden Vigoro Lawn Fertilizers , a premium line that features IBDUŽ controlled-release nitrogen in a range of formulations.
Vigoro Garden Fertilizers , packaged in a range of formulations and sizes to meet every gardening need.
Canagro Organic Products , Canada's leading line of fertilizers, geared toward today's rapidly growing organic gardening market.
Instant Vigoro Water Soluble Fertilizers, packaged in clear jars that display these unique colour coded formulations for outstanding "shelf-appeal". Pro-Sol, dissolvable, pre-measured fertilizer packs that offer the ultimate in user convenience.

All of these products are formulated with the same fine ingredients and attention to quality that have made the Vigoro name a performance standard in the industry. All are backed by the Vigoro "Performance or Money Back" Guarantee.

For the home and garden retailer, our commitment to customer satisfaction offers added value.

When you recommend a Vigoro product to your customer, you can be assured that its performance will meet and often exceed their expectations. Plus, Vigoro supports your sales efforts with colourful, high quality packaging, impactive point-of-purchase displays, and high visibility advertising and promotions.

The Vigoro line of home and garden products: blended for outstanding value, sales support and customer satisfaction.

It's the right blend for healthy home and garden sales.

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