Vigoro Garden Care Products

Pink Vigoro 8-12-6
Formulated with an organic base, Pink Vigoro sets the standard for healthy balanced plant nutrition in a wide range of garden crops. A high phosphorous level ensures extensive root development. The high quality reputation of Pink has built a loyal user base over more than 30 years. Available in 18kg, 9kg and 4.5kg bags, plus a 2kg box.

Woodace Fertilizer Briquettes 14-3-3
Designed for use on outdoor trees, shrubs and flowering bulbs, these briquettes provide non-burning IBDU nitrogen feeding for up to 2 years, for healthy green growth. Formulated with N, P, K and essential micronutrients. Excellent for use in the root area when planting. 900 briquettes per box.

Vigoro Tree and Shrub Food 14-4-8
This new product is scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a broad range of trees and shrubs, developing healthy roots and leaves without the risk of burning.
The nitrogen contained in Tree and Shrub comes from five different sources, including our exclusive IBDUŽ for uniform, controlled feeding over an extended time period. 9kg bag.

Vigoro Compost Accelerator
Packaged in a convenient shaker jug, this organically-based product is specially formulated to speed up the composting process. Simply sprinkle as directed over the compost material and stir in. Available in 1.2kg size.

Vigoro Boxed Products

Vigoro offers a complete line of quality boxed fertilizer products for homeowners with smaller gardens and flower beds. Each formulation is scientifically blended using top quality ingredients, to meet specific growing needs.

Included in the boxed product line are:

Rose Food
Blood Meal
Tomato Food
Vegetable Food
Starter Fertilizer
Enviro Care
Aluminum Sulfate
Rhododendron & Azalea Food
Bone Meal
Pink Vigoro
Instant Vigoro
All Purpose Fertilizer
Blood & Bone Meal
Tree & Shrub Food
Horticultural Lime

All of the boxed products are packaged in an easy-to-use re-closable box with a convenient pouring outlet.

Vigoro Soil and Decorative Products

This attractively packaged line includes high quality potting soils and natural manures, as well as decorative stone and wood mulch. Vigoro's well-balanced potting soil mixes contain the right levels of organic material to allow for good water and nutrient retention. Our Cattle Manure and Sheep Manure provide a high quality, natural source of nutrients. Included in the Soil and Decorative Product line are:

Potting Soil, in 3 sizes
Soil-less Mix
African Violet Soil
Cactus Soil
Play Sand
Decorative Wood Mulch
Cattle Manure
Sheep Manure
Top Soil
Tropical Plant Soil
Red Decorative Stone
White Decorative Stone


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