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Trevor Island SciTan

For Uninterrupted Tropical Island Tanning!

Excellent Tanning

High-performance tanning salons demand professional products. The Trevor Island line offers the serious tanner every ingredient "under the sun" to promote superior, bronzed, healthy tanning!

You're probably aware of the recent antioxidant craze that's been sweeping across the tanning industry. A Generation Ahead, Trevor Island pioneered the use of Vitamin C, E and other vital antioxidants in tanning products!

After years of intensive research on skin care and the impact of ultraviolet rays on tanning, scientists developed our revolutionary Biosine Complex formula. The Biosine Complex formula prepares skin for UV tanning energy by maximizing melanin cell (tanning) production, while protecting the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging. This translates into beautiful, long-lasting healthy tans!

Our success is based on supplying a wide variety of high quality, potent products to satisfy the demanding tanner who expects the very best!

Trevor Island products: SciTan, Gelée, Optigel, Optimist Dry Oil Dark Tanning Lotion and Mist Accelerators.

  • Revel in the luxury of a rich, dark, 21st century tan with superior strength SciTan tanning lotion
  • Provides ultimate tanning and unsurpassed skin conditioning
  • Assists the body in maintaining its natural oxidative equilibrium. Protects against free radicals that eventually will cause fine lines and wrinkles
  • Biosine Complex formula is combined with liposome forms of essential oils and antioxidant vitamins
  • Moisturizers, Vitamin E, Panthenol, and pure Aloe Vera are combined in this creamy-smooth lotion
  • SciTan lotion delivers the scientifically developed tanning formula everyone will love
  • No Fats or Waxes
  • Non-Comodogenic
  • No Animal Testing
  • 100% Acrylic Safe
  • Refreshing Citrus Scent

Trevor Island BLAZE

For Uninterrupted Tropical Island Tanning!


  • Capture a radiant, long-lasting tan while satisfying skin care needs
  • Specially formulated Vitasome Complex blend contains Vitamin E, Aloe, Sodium PCA, Panthenol, Tyrosine, Superoxide Dismutase and Tissue Respiratory Factors
  • Ultra-moisturizing skin care
  • Moisturization power of a lotion
  • Clean feel of a gel


  • Take you tan to its outer limits with Optigel
  • Biosine Complex formula
  • Water-based gel
  • Optimizes tanning potential
  • Refreshing, citrus-scent
  • Combines Antioxidant vitamins, Tissue Respiratory Factors and Superoxide Dismutase for a supple, silky and smooth feel
  • Optimize true tanning potential


  • Extraordinarily dark tanning, superior moisturizing and deep skin conditioning
  • Biosine Complex formula
  • Refreshing citrus scent
  • Non-greasy, water-based formula
  • Slick feel of an oil without the oily residue
  • Provides smooth, supple skin
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle specially engineered to work from any angle, including upside down

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