Our company is based in Canada and our prices are in Canadian dollars.We ship many orders to the U.S. and overseas. In fact, you can use our economy to your advantage. You do not have to pay any of our taxes, a meter is 10% longer than a yard, and our dollar has consistently been worth approximately $0.65 American. With our wonderful selection of unique colours, a bonus of 10% more yardage, 35% currency exchange and 15% savings on taxes, it pays to mail-order from Lindas! Its like saving 60%!


UltraSuede Soft

45"- 46" Wide


UltraSuede Light

45"- 46" Wide


UltraSuede Light Prints

58"- 60" Wide



48" Wide


Minimum .25 Meter Cut.
.05 Meter increments, thereafter


Your Choice of Colours

6" x 9"

9" x 12"

UltraSuede & UltraSuede Light - solid colours



UltraLeather & Prints




6" x 9"

9" x 12"

Choose from 8 Colour Groupings for UltraSuede 6 Packs



Your choice of 6 UltraLeather or print squares




1. Basic

Grays, Black, White, Navys, Reds

2. Earth Tones

Creams, Taupes, Greens, Browns

3. Jewel Tones

Pinks, Blues, Purples, Turquoise

4. Muted Tones

Cypress, Blue Spruce, Clover, Grey, Hyacinth, Victoria Rose

5. Brights

Red, Yellow, Coral, Green, Royal, White

6. Southwest

Rose, Sarasota Sea, Beiges, Rust, Gray

7. Teddy Bear

An assortment of Just Browns

8. Autumn

An assortment of Lovely, Fall Blending Shades


UltraSuede & UltraSuede Light Packs

6" x 9"

9" x 12"

50 Square assorted pack-contains some great non-swatched colours




1. UltraSuede and UltraSuede Light

6" x 45" $16.98
2. Printed UltraSuede Light 6" x 58" $28.98
3. UltraLeather 6" x 48" $19.98

New! - 15 Square Packs

Perfect for small projects where you need equal amounts of lots of colours
Squares are 3" x 4.5" and are available in 2 colour packs - $19.99

1. Clear and Muted Tones-red, black, navy, white, pink, purples, ivory, muted blues, mauves, roses, etc...

2. Brights and Earth Tones-royal, emerald, coral, orange, yellow, beiges, browns, rust, greens, etc...

Scraps - Limited Supply

Large 1/4 Pound - $12.98 Large 1/2 Pound - $22.98
Scraps are the ideal choice for accents and appliqué-adding a touch of luxurious colour to many projects. Be sure to check our free scrap sheet for additional ideas! Assorted colours and sizes, averaging 3"x 12", 2"x 15",
4"x 8", 5"x 10", etc.
Mini Scraps - New! Perfect for little projects, pin-weaving, jewellery, dream catchers, applique, belts, buttonholes, covered buttons, pieced or patchwork creations, etc... The list is really endless! .
A Sandwich Bag full. Price - $3.99
Swatch Sets - If you are shopping via the internet and would like an actual fabric swatch set, they are available for a nominal refundable price. Price - $10.00
We are a full service sewing store and would be pleased to assist you in providing any notions, thread, interfacings, buttons, zippers, specialty threads such as rayons, metallics, wooly nylons, you should need, to complete your projects. Just ask!

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