• Poli Glow is NOT a wax
  • Poli Glow is a new concept in polish
  • Easy application, wipe on, no rubbing or buffing
  • Lasts for over 12 months
  • Poli Glow comes with an unconditional money back guarantee
  • Simply return unused portion for a full refund


POLI GLOW is a complete fiberglass gelcoat reconditioning system and will give your boat the "wet look" all the time. You can actually maintain that showroom shine, with no rubbing or buffing. Poli Glow is a water based acrylic polymer clearcoat which was developed in Miami FL. Unlike petroleum based product Poli Glow does not yellow and flake off. Instead, its water based blends of polymers form a seal that infiltrates the fiberglass and cures to a hard finish that soap and water won't rinse off.

Before applying Poli Glow, o;ur pre-cleaner/stripper Poli Prep should be used to assure that the surface is clean, free of oxidation, dirt, previously applied wax, polish, rubbing compounds, mildew, oil or grease. Once the surface is prepared, Poli Glow may be applied using our 7" hand applicator applying in thin, even, overlapping strokes, always wiping in one direction. Depending on the condition of your gelcoat, three to five coats will be required with approximately thirty seconds drying time between coats. NO buffing or rubbing is required, and the shine will last over 12 months, even in the Florida sunshine!

Poli Glow is not limited to the boating market; it can be used on RV's, truck toppers, fiberglass shower stalls, hot tubs, aircraft, anything constructed with fiberglass. Poli Glow and Poli Prep are available as a kit, complete with full instructions, scurbbies and an applicator. Both products carry a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not happy simply return it for a full refund!

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